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Artists reveal their summer destinations to spend their vacation with their families

Hong Kong, Macau Island and Korea

Kuwaiti singer Ilham al-Fadala revealed that she is waiting for the summer season each year to travel with her family and enjoy the holiday away from life. "This year, I traveled to Hong Kong as one of my favorite countries. In particular, my last visit to this country was six years ago, and the day I went with my daughters when they were young, they did not remember anything about them. " "From Hong Kong, we went by ferry to the Chinese island of Macau, which is called Las Vegas Small, where there are great hotels, like an integrated city, with a shopping mall, water boats and fun family shows. We also visited Disney Hong Kong, I was one of Disney's lovers, and I also visited South Korea for the first time in my life, namely Seoul, the capital of the country, and I really found it very beautiful and worth a visit, a big and sophisticated city. .

Unknown place

"I usually travel after the tourists come back to enjoy the place I visit, and I often visit Europe," she said. This summer I want to spend my vacation in Saudi Arabia, because it is characterized by beautiful places of nature, I finally discovered, especially as I love nature so much. I will also travel to Egypt in a few days and at the end of the summer to America. "

Mom choose

Dr. Rashad said that summer is the best time for students, employees and families to leave. "As a family member, I have to arrange my program according to my family program, because leave is their right, but if there are practical links, both internal and external, Summer, make sure to stick to it. In general, the existence of the entertainment body and the launch of the Saudi seasons, it is very easy for us, as we have activities and entertainment activities at global levels, making the demand for foreign travel less. I expect this demand to decline further in the coming years. " "As far as I'm concerned, my mother controls my moves, because I have been totally attached to her, God saved her."


Mai al-Balushi, who has a summer vacation in Europe, prefers to go to the destination every year, because she hates going back to the same destination. "I went to Manchester, to Liverpool, to Lake District, to Disney and to Geneva," she said. This summer, I am currently in the Netherlands, and I have traveled so far in Chet Horne and Notre Dame, my journey is still going on, I will stay two more weeks and walk around the Netherlands. I'm a nature lover, so be sure to visit countries that are very natural in nature and temperate. "
Where will the celebrities spend their holidays?
Where will the celebrities spend their holidays?

Jeddah and Taif

Lebanese singer Hiam Yunis has associated her summer vacations with her work. In some years, she has to work during the summer to meet invitations to participate in Arab festivals. "This summer, I wish to spend two weeks in the Jeddah city bride, enjoy watching the beach of Abhur, as well as visiting Taif, which is beautiful in summer, and has previously beautified the beauty of the charming places in Saudi Arabia through The song "Sweet Saudi Arabia" composed by Mahmoud Jamil and the words of the late Abdulrahman Hijazi ».

Relax and sea

"I like visiting countries where there are many places of relaxation, and a sailor, and I would rather be a little crowded, like Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Austria and Spain," she said. I am keen to visit archaeological sites, and I love going to America. "


Marwa Mohamed explained that most celebrities spend their holidays in Europe and America, revealing that she chose to spend her vacation this year in Austria, showing that the most beautiful countries visited so far Switzerland and Georgia, so prefer to spend her summer vacation there, every year.


"After Saudi Arabia's opening up, events and festivals, we no longer have an excuse to travel abroad in summer," said artist and producer Talal Sidr. Everything is here, especially peace of mind and security, so I decided to spend my vacation this summer in one of the chalets in the eastern region with my family, and then go to Jeddah to attend a number of events and events ».


"I love spending my summer vacation every year on the outskirts of Abha," said artist Hassan Asiri.
Where will the celebrities spend their holidays?
Where will the celebrities spend their holidays?


Maha Zain, who has lived in America for seven years, reveals that the United States has many places to enjoy during the summer. "After completing my work and my artistic commitments in the series" Asuf ", I returned to my home in America. With a number of Arab families, and we planned together for the summer vacation to go to the charming lakes and beautiful mountain areas, and I noticed that Saudi Arabia has become a tourist destination for a large number of families, given the events and festivals.

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