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Modern living rooms

When designing modern living rooms , there are plenty of models to follow, for decoration and colors and how to distribute furniture . In this context, the design engineer Riham Farran explains that the design varies between modern living rooms narrow and spacious. 

Modern living rooms are usually suitable for small apartments with limited space.
It is preferable to choose a couch that extends in the form of a corner or a Latin letter "L"

For modern, narrow living rooms with a 4 * 4 or 4 * 5 size:

It is preferable to choose a sofa that extends in the form of a corner or Latin letter "L", a sofa that can have seven to ten seats according to the space of the wall behind. Due to the lack of room space, the choice of small measurement is preferred for the seven-seat sofa, three seats on one side, and three seats on the other, including the corner seat. 
If the wall that holds the door of the room is large, it is preferable to install the television screen on it, away from the full wood unit that extends over most of the wall. It is rather popular today that the television screen hangs on the wall. 50 or 60 centimeters. In this context, it is desirable to distribute 4 shelves on the right side, and install a long shutter on the left-hand corner of the woodOr glass in which pieces of crystal are displayed. On the other hand, the antiques or pictures of family members are distributed on open shelves. If additional space is available on the wall, a large shelf can be installed above the TV screen or a shutter span extending downwards. 
The wall of the TV can be draped with wallpaper or wood, with the opposite wall facing the couch. If the latter is leaning against a wall with a window, it is recommended to cover it with the batu curtains. If the window is installed on an empty wall, it can be covered with a long curtain, such as voile without decorative accessories .
When choosing canvas sofas, it is essential to avoid decorations and engravings; rather adopt gentlemen fabrics and leave colors for pillows

When choosing a sofa fabric, it is important to avoid decorations and embellishments, but to adopt the gentle fabrics and leave the colors for the pillows, for example if the fabric is brown, the pillows can be chosen beige or pink. If the sofa is floral, the pillows are chosen in one beige or brown color. 
For flooring, it can be tiled in light beige, white or gray, or covered with parquet wood. 
In the ceiling, simple board gypsum decoration can be adopted with concealed lighting of a 50 cm wide cornice, and the ceiling can be made of a chandelier composed of several lamps. The ceiling can be used only where the "spot" is inserted if the floor is parquet. It is popular today to discharge within the ceiling of the wicker and install the lighting units hidden with the material "Baliki." 
The carpetIt comes in the form of a small piece easy to remove, leaning to the middle table is a wooden box around the shelf can enter the design of chrome and mirrors and copper.

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