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Light summer makeup gives you an attractive view

   During the summer, women always seek a light, long lasting makeup and at the same time give them an elegant and comfortable daily look, far from overstating, with little makeup in a quick and easy way. As a result, we will introduce you to the application of a light summer makeup that allows you to get a feminine look.


Light summer makeup
Apply a light coat of primer

For a natural and impurities-free skin, away from overstatement, apply a light coat of primer. Make sure to apply makeup for a long time, then apply a little cream to the color of your skin, and put the concealer around the eye to hide impurities and blemishes. Then apply a small amount of foundation powder lighter than the color of your skin, and make the lighting of your cheeks through the use of plush peach warm.

Pen Brow

Light summer makeup
Make sure your eyebrows are smooth

Make sure your eyebrows are smooth and elegant, so you use the eyebrow pencil to identify them with the color of your eyebrows to get a smooth natural look. Paint your eyebrows with a light coat that helps you get an attractive drawing that highlights the beauty of your face.

Black eyeliner and kohl

Light summer makeup
The Eleanor and Eyeliner help you shine your eyes

The eyeliner and kohl help you shine your eyes and make them more efficient, but in a natural way away from exaggeration. First, set the upper eyelids in a soft line of black eyeliner, then put the kohl in her eyes, and draw a light line by brown-brown kohl on the lintel. Then, separate your lashes and eyelids by using several layers of mascara.


Light summer makeup
Work on your lips in an elegant way

For a soft summer make-up, make your lips look elegant and attractive, and choose soft colors such as pink and nude in varying degrees. They give you a beautiful look and beauty.

Makeup Sticker

Light summer makeup
Make-up is a necessary step

In the hot summer days, makeup is a necessary step to install the make-up and let it last long, never sheds. So, after finishing your makeup, hold the make-up stand with your hand fully stretched out to keep the safety distance between the sabra and your face, then close your eyes gently and spray a few drops on your face.

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