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18 Decor advice to furnish the narrow apartment

Achieving the decor of small apartments, measuring 100 meters or less, requires careful study of all elements, including furniture , accessories and lighting . However, the narrowness of the size of urban apartments generally does not mean abandoning the idea of ​​making them look attractive and innovative. In this context, the design engineer Riham Farran offers a range of tips to help you choose the appropriate decor and furniture for small town apartments, as follows:
It is preferable to distribute small carpets on the light floor

1. The distance from the distribution of accessories is preferred in the entrance to the apartment, with the selection of elements that decorate the ground floor. 
2. It is desirable to cover the walls of the entrance to the apartment with wallpaper, or paint with a pillow, with the installation of a mirror or plate on one of them. 
3. It is preferable to choose light colors for the entrance of the apartment, while achieving the harmony between the ceiling (gypsum board), floor tiles, and walls. 
4. It is necessary to choose soft furnishings for the living room; the length of the main sofa should not exceed two meters, accompanied by a pair of single chairs that enter the cloth in its design in full. The use of fully upholstered POV, he says, plays an aesthetic and functional role.
As for the colors of the furniture, the light is suitable for decorating the small apartment

5. As for the colors of the furniture, the light (beige and its shades, for example, or gray) is suitable for the decoration of the small apartment, with a distance from the dark colors (red, blue, azaleas, dark brown ...). 
6. If you want to furnish a dining area, it is recommended to make the living room furniture cut by two pieces, with a table of 80 x 180 cm, with six chairs covered. The table, which is mediated by a transparent material, is to be chosen from a transparent material, away from wood or forged iron. 
7. When designing the Gypsum Board in the ceiling, it is recommended to avoid the idea of ​​layers, but just a simple ceiling with hidden lighting, with the possibility of suspension soft chandelier. 
8. Prefer curtainsWith simple designs, carrying two types of cloth at the ceiling, or curtains «Batu». 
9. The apelicate can be distributed on the wall, and the paintings can be fixed randomly. A wooden frame around the wall can be designed with a width of 15 cm or 20 cm, with the frame covered with wallpaper and a panel on the center. «Alblikat». This wall offers a dining table and chairs. 
10. The choice of accessories in silver, gold or bronze, to reflect the lighting in the area. 
11. Small pieces of carpet should be distributed on the light floor. 
12.It is advisable to take advantage of the bed for the purpose of storage, too, through the following decoration tips: Provide the bottom of the bed with drawers, or raise the base to store the purposes inside it in a practical way, without causing chaos in the room. In addition, a bed that turns into a sofa can be chosen when needed. To store the clothes, the cupboards are mounted on the wall. For additional storage space, hold up to 40 cm of storage space to the right and left of the bed, as well as above. 
13. The desk can be an extension of the cabinet, fitted with a surface not exceeding one meter, on top of the desk shelf, or the desk may be a closed side table, open only when needed. 
14. It is advisable to choose light colors in the bedroom, especially bright white, which gives a feeling of widening in the narrow area. 
15th.It is preferable to choose light curtains, such as white curtains in white, for example, or a color that belongs to one of the light shades adopted in the room, in order to enter the natural light to this place. 
16. The floor tiles, made of ceramic or parquet, should be chosen. 
17. The bedroom requires ample lighting, including direct lighting (chandelier), side lights (lamps, lampshades) and hidden lighting units installed on the ceiling. 
18. It is necessary to avoid exaggeration in the distribution of accessories, with only a few of them on the fixed surfaces, such as the side table, and the demobilization table, and shelves installed on the walls.

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